Thursday, May 3, 2007

Taking the Blog Route

Welcome to the blog of Stuart Pearl Photography. For some time friends had urged me to "blog" as a way to present fresh photographic content. They also felt it was a dynamic alternative to the more static website. Creating this blog represents a new direction for me.

Initially I was not a fan of blogs. To me they were just another kind of website. But once I started reading blogs of others in the arts, I discovered that they showed depth and creativity in a “journalistic” way. Their blogs often portrayed a fluid day to day progression of their craft. The concept interested me.

It’s now apparent that a well organized blog can be very effective for presenting new images as well as commentary related to my love of photography. Toward that end I will try to provide an interesting blend of both images and text.

You can look forward to seeing a variety of features in my blog. Mainly it will be used to display current photographs as well as provide links to galleries showing more of my images. Periodically I will write articles on my experience with the art and craft of photography. And finally, this site will be used to showcase events and places that I’ve photographed over the years as well as those projects in which I am currently involved.

Hopefully this area will also generate more interest in my website . And if you would like to view working proofs of weddings and other social events that I've covered, you can also visit my proof galleries at: . Thank you.