Monday, September 9, 2013

Some Spooky, Some Strange, But Very Different Vacation Photos

© Stuart Pearl 2013 - Click on Image to Enlarge for Slideshow

Vacation is usually the time for snapping those pretty post card pictures, right?  What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?  Then you try to look at things a bit differently.

This year our family vacation was at Lake Lure, N. Carolina.  It's about 90 miles west southwest of Charlotte.  The area has beautiful rolling hills, mountains, streams and lakes.  The town of Chimney rock and park by the same name is just a few miles away.  "Last of the Mohicans" was filmed there in 1992.

We had a mix of weather that changed daily.  Overall it was very warm so we enjoyed relaxing sunny days intermixed with fog and thunderstorms.

During our boating excursions we saw some magnificent homes on the banks of Lake Lure.  Most people seemed to have two-boat garages.  This was one particular house that caught our attention.  We nicknamed it Downton Abbey.

This chalet had it's own waterfall.

While others just had relaxing views of the lake.

We also found one that was a burned out ruin.

And close by was a partially abandoned dock.

The town of Chimney Rock takes on a whole different aspect when the fog rolls in at sunset.

Even though it rained a couple of days that didn't stop us from sight seeing in the area.  There are always roadside produce sands and this one had a self-serve payment system.

Some of the pictures I took were odd,

While others were mysteriously romantic; Tango in the mountains anyone?


And other pictures were just plain strange.

One sees some very interesting things upon leaving town.