Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Butler Museum Accepts Flats Work

© Stuart Pearl 2010 (Click Image to Enlarge)

Each year Youngstown's Butler Institute of American Art holds its Midyear Show. This juried competition is open to artists nationwide. I was again fortunate to have one of my photographs accepted for display in the 2010 show. The opening is Sunday June 27.

"A Rust Rose Dawn" shows the Cleveland skyline shortly after sunrise on a December morning. The Norfolk & Western railway bridge can be seen at the bottom.

View of the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge & Cleveland skyline

Heights normally terrify me. It takes a supreme act of courage for me to clean roof gutters. The Butler image was made with no less terror, from I-90's Inner Belt bridge 274 feet above the chilly Cuyahoga.

There is a very narrow metal sidewalk that separates pedestrians from roaring traffic and a cold swim. The guard rails are way to "open" for my tastes. I was able to get this shot by walking the length of the bridge, starting at the West 14th St. ramp.

I have walked this bridge a couple of times now looking for different vantage points and variations in lighting. To my shock I discovered there are others even more daring than myself. The picture above was taken during warmer times but it shows that bike riders use the interstate bridge to cross the Cuyahoga also.

There was no place to go when this lone rider came pedalling up the sidewalk. I just thought "thin" and became one with the railing. He rolled right by as if he does this everyday. That could be very likely true. Plans are underway for construction of the new Inner Belt bridge. Many have suggested a more user-friendly walkway. I can certainly understand why.Allied Corporation property on the West Bank

Views from the bridge are often unique with dramatic clouds and wonderful lighting. This panorama of the Allied operation shows gravel piles on the west bank ready for road work and other construction projects.

"The Three Roofers" Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

This early morning Tremont picture was shot during the summer as roofers repaired a church roof. It shows there is always something going on.

The city constantly changes for my lens. It's just a matter of being alert to new opportunities. The same Cleveland landmark will reveal a different face from season to season as well as from dawn to dusk. Some of these pictures end up as simple snapshots recording the ongoing history. Other images may achieve the status of "artwork," rendering an interpretation that is unique in it's composition. Hopefully all will be enjoyed.