Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flats Fall

Oarsman at Jefferson Bridge Pilings (Click on Images to Enlarge) © Stuart Pearl 2009

Cleveland's brownfields sport their pallet of seasonal colors. And the Flats is no exception as we approach the Fall color peak. Even in the absence of nature's colors, light beams can make interesting patterns among the bridges and beams.

"Bridge Beams" from east bank of the Flats.

If I don't shoot at least several dozen pictures a week I gett antsy. To satisfy these urges I shoot weddings, social events, promotional work for WVIZ/PBS and the Cleveland Landscape. And the best way to do the latter is to take my camera to work. This affords me the best opportunities for interesting light.

Statuary at Federal Courthouse Building

On the early morning trip downtown or the evening return home, some of the most interesting shadows and contrasting textures fall across the landscape. Every day is different. And because Cleveland's weather is so changeable, the quality and intensity of light can change from minute to minute.

Skyscraper canyons often create unpredictable wind tunnels for the unsuspecting pedestrian. The body can be struck by the random icy blast. The same holds true for lighting. The eye can be wonderfully surprised by the unexpected beam of light spotlighting a red Maple against the canvas of dark office windows.

The Innerbelt Bridge spans not only the Cuyahoga River, but woods that support deer and other wildlife. It's only a matter of exploring the side roads and abandoned building sites. Powder white and gray bridge piers provide interesting counterpoint to bright yellow leaves.

Arches of the Terminal Viaduct have framed Cleveland's skyline since the late 1920's. Today they support RTA train traffic from Tower City to the West 25th Station and beyond.

View From Columbus Road Bridge

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