Monday, April 28, 2008

Photos Selected for JCC Show & Holiday Card Sale

Sunrise at State Fish” by Stuart Pearl

Since going digital I have been making a greater effort to submit work to competitions and exhibitions. This year has started off well. “Sunrise at State Fish” was accepted for exhibition at the Mandel JCC Annual Photography Show .

The JCC show is one of the largest and most prestigious open photo shows in Northeastern Ohio. The 2008 Show Opens with a reception on May 5, 7:30pm at The Mandel JCC. It is free and open to the public through June 8 during building hours.

More than 110 photographers submitted over 540 images to the competition. Approximately 65 photographs are being exhibited. "Sunrise at State Fish" was taken about 7:30 A.M. this past January as the sun was just starting to touch the silos behind the building. I’m told that part of the older structure dates to the Civil War era

Winter Arches” by Stuart Pearl

Each year the Cleveland Sight Center holds a competition for area artists. Paintings, photographs and illustrations are submitted for possible consideration as holiday greeting cards.

My photograph “Winter Arches” was recently selected as one of the images that will be used in the Center’s 2008 holiday card sale. This is one of their fund raisers and a variety of different cards featuring area artists will be available for purchase. The cards go on sale this fall from the Sight Center.

The partial view of the Cleveland skyline was taken from the Oxbow bend on the west bank of the Cuyahoga. It is actually shot in the opposite direction of the picture showing State Fish.

Sunrise is just starting to glow in the pastel white arches of the Detroit-Superior (Hope Memorial) Bridge. The Settler’s Landing Cabin can be seen in the shadows of the opposite bank. The river is partially frozen and hundreds of noisy gulls feast upon fish trapped in the ice.

It’s hard to believe that Northeast Ohio was blasted by winter snows just last month. At one point it was difficult to even reach our driveway.

But with the recent warm weather many of our blossoming trees and shrubs have already reached their peak. These are some of the apple blossoms framing the Wade Lagoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Above is a sunrise view of the Museum grounds, looking directly north to the main building with it’s classic columns. The square structure just to the right of the building is part of the new museum expansion. It is scheduled to be completed in 2011 at an approximate cost of $258,000.000.


Amanda said...

Congratulations Stu!

Euphrosene said...

Hello from England - I failed to register on the photography forum (four times!) - and all I want is to see the photos of you using the Logan mount (mat) cutter.

Also not sure if I have posted this twice either as it came up with an error message (sigh).

Have you posted the photos elsewhere?

Your help would be much appreciated by this artist!


udaya210 said...

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