Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

© Stuart Pearl 2010

And a number of his friends often join him. Sometimes we'll have as many as eight deer grazing our myrtle beds, hosta plants, and other shrubbery. And during the warmer months they do this seeminlgy oblivious to the racket of yard equipment and neighborhood traffic. Who needs hamsters?

Our lot is bordered by a small wood to the east. To the back are 850' deep properties. This provides some degree of cover and safety for the adult deer. They and their young will often visit for a while, dining on our ornamentals during the summer, or digging in the winter snow for any greenery.

Our property is situated between two local park systems. To the West we have the Euclid Creek Metropark and off to the East is the North Chagrin Reservation.

Some feel the deer travel between the two parks depending upon food supply and the pressures from human activity. Either way we have daily sightings. We've actually see more wildlife in our backyard than we have during our visits to the Adirondack, Shenandoah and Smoky Mountains.


mark rychel said...

While driving by your home I thought I might pass the buck.


jpalsaphotography said...

He is a real beauty. Thanks for sharing.