Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring & Early Summer Images from Cleveland

© Stuart Pearl 2010 (Click Image to Enlarge)

Spring in Cleveland brings interesting weather, fascinating cloud patterns, and high contrast light. The low angle sun often provides interesting photo opportunities.

This image of Frank Geary's building on the Case Western Reserve campus was shot one early cloudy morning on my way to work. That's a great time to do photography. The sun is just coming up and it's low angle creates wonderful shadows, textures and highlights. Shot with an ultra wide angle lens and a circular polarizer the building looks like something from a Tim Burton movie.

Just a couple of mornings later bright sun creates contrasting reflections amidst pools of darkness.

A short walk away is the Cleveland Botanical Garden with an island of tulips greeting you at the main entrance. Continuing south on East Blvd, the Cleveland Museum of Art's new wing comes into view. It's lines offer start contrast to the original classical design.

Beyond this point the south stairs come into view with vistas of Wade lagoon and other scultpture.
With the Lagoon in the background, the morning sun washes across Chester A. Beach's "Fountain of the Waters" which sits by the south entrance to the museum. Beach was an American sculptor (1881 - 1956) and is known or his medallic art and busts.

A few miles west is the Playhouse Square area containing Cleveland's theater district. NPR affiliate WVIZ/WCPN Ideastream is headquartered there with its distinctive " Idea Center" vertical signage.

Remodelled Euclid Avenue sports modern bus shelters for the RTA Healthline as well as some interesting public art.

"Chorus Line Luminaries" by urban designer and public artist Stephen Manka challenges your vision with shifting colors as buses approach.

Manka's stainless steel sculpture is a stylized interpretation of dancers kicking in a Broadway chorus line. It is fascinating to study the light display from different angles. As the sun sets the backdrop of office buildings provide a canvas of many contrasts.

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MaryEllen said...

Hello Stuart,
I just wanted to write first, to say your photography is simply gorgeous. I also love that a lot of your subjects are of Cleveland, my home town.
I am also a former student of your father, at South High school from 72-75. His personality and talent made a lasting impression on me, as well as my sisters who were also lucky to have him as their teacher. I always remember trips to the May Show, to see your fathers work displayed. I loved his busy, beautiful watercolor scenes.
My sister Susan, also had your sister Sharlene as her art teacher in college.

You may have heard that South high school is closing it's doors for ever. I've heard a lot of people (on a South high Facebook group) express concerns about what will become of your father's very large School Conference murals, that hung in the gym. Do you have any idea what will become of them?
Are you able to claim them?
They were painted while I was attending South, and it was a great day, when they were finally hung. I hope they will be saved and preserved.

Good luck to you and your amazing photography!

MaryEllen Pawlak