Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer's Last Adventure


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Boys and creeks seem to go naturally together. I remember as a young boy how streams and ponds drew me like a magnet. Small fish, tadpoles and frogs were wonderful treasures to be stalked and captured.

Perhaps this is the last summer adventure before school starts for these young fellows: exploring the creek. Jeanne and I decided to spend Labor Day hiking around Tinkers Creek and Viaduct Park. While enjoying Bridal Veil Falls we saw these young fellows walking the creekbed in search of surprises.


Descending the terraced shale they stopped to inspect clear pools of water. Maybe they saw minnows or small crayfish.


Eventually they find a bare tree branch, long since stripped of it's bark, adorning the creek as seasonal driftwood. Hoisting their prize in victory they give a yell and proceed down the stream.

Jeann and I took a more sedate route down the gravel path. One of the overlook decks provided a safer view of Bridal Veil Falls. The area also has some enjoyable loop trails and we took advantage of those.

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baales said...

Brings back fond memories!