Friday, October 21, 2011

Indiana Road Trip - Halloween Time

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Weekend road trips are nice. They break up the regular routine, give you a fresh prospective on new places, and provide an opportunity to meet new people.

This past Fall Jeanne and I travelled to Bloomington, Indiana where our daughter and husband live. Bloomington is a wonderful college "town." It has interesting architecture, great restaurants around their town square and is surrounded by beautiful green spaces.

We knew Jennifer had married into a wonderful extended family after we met them at the wedding. They live in Bedford which is a rural community just outside of Bloomington. We really didn't appreciate how nice they were until we were invited to their home for dinner, and then some olympic pumpkin carving.

And we are talking about some serious gourd surgery. They had set up tables in the middle of the garage across from their ATV's, covered everything in newspaper, handed out the knives, and then the seeds started flying.

Indiana University is surrounded by beautiful woodlands.  Some of their cross country tracks run through these areas.

Another wonderful place to visit in the area is Nashville, Indiana.  Some people refer to it as an historic Hoosier artists colony.  Others call it a tourist trap.  Either way, it does have interesting art and craftwork for sale and on display.

Self Portrait in garden "gazing ball."

If Jeanne and I are in a shopping mood we may stop at the Lodi, Ohio outlet mall on the trip back to Cleveland.  The place is literally out in the middle of corn fields.

 This poor farmer waited a bit too long for his wife to finish shopping.


Ruth said...

Nice, the colors.

Stuart Pearl said...

Thank you Ruth - the colors were a bit past peak, but our "photographer's light" was attractive with all the constrast and texture, and still fun to play with.