Monday, May 28, 2012

Ribs of the Ramp

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I call these "deck ribs" even though that's not an engineering term. But these 25 ton beams represent the first structural steel to be installed on the Westbound Inner Belt bridge.  They will provide the underlying support for the concrete and steel roadbed that will be built above.

5/25/12 - Looking East towards Progressive Field the Fire Museum can be seen at left near the interesection of Carnegie and Ontario.  The single pier just to the left supports the beams that will form the roadbed of the Ontario St. on ramp.  It is lower at this point since it will be bringing merging traffic up to the level of the I-90 bridge deck.  The wider pier at the right will form the actual roadbed of the interstate.

4/6/12 - Shortly after the structural steel was delivered it was positioned near pier 13.  The lower support leg on the right will be part of the Ontario St. on ramp.

5/25/12 - Looking across the Flats valley and you can see how construction is progressing.  Pier #11 (left) rises near Canal Road and still "wears" it's concrete form holding the top cap.  Piers 10 - 5 march off to the east bank of the Cuyahoga.

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banglaegaan said...

Yes it is necessary to build a temporary center support to hold the top cap.