Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Buffalo on the Cuyahoga

© Stuart Pearl 2012 - Click on Image to Enlarge

It's probably been at least 150 hundred years since buffalo crossed the Cuyahoga if they ventured this far east.  However, several weeks ago the 634' bulk freighter "Buffalo" quietly made its way up the river.

My timing was perfect for this photograph with a wonderful morning light and crystal clear sky.   I was checking the latest progress on the Innerbelt Bridge project.  Standing on Tremont Bluff, I observed the ship as it was just passing Pier #5 of the new bridge.  What's really impressive though is how quietly these massive vessels navigate our crooked river.

With the Norfolk and Southern railroad bridge in the background, the Buffalo passes the former site of Cleveland Cold Storage.  That area is now referred to as the "Tremont Bowl."  The west bank of the river has been excavated and stabilized in that area.  This will enable safe construction of piers four and three of the new Westbound bridge.


Bernie Smith said...

Nice work Stuart!


Bill said...

I love how you captured the "tight" fit!

TEST said...
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TEST said...
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Shawn said...

Great pictures, Stuart!!

anna Sonata said...

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