Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kites & Bubbles

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We didn't have cool kites like this when I was a kid.  Back then they cost about a quarter, were made of paper, and were instantly shredded if they got anywhere near a tree or were caught in a heavy wind.  Everything was controlled from a ball of twine which quickly knotted. 

Like everything else now, kites, flags, and pennants have gone high tech.  Even the hand controllers no longer resemble the old stick of string.
On a recent trip to the Erie Art Museum Jeanne and I stopped at Presque Isle, PA.  Noted for interesting beaches and weird winter dunes we had no idea it was also a popular venue for kite flying.  Nearly every summer weekend enthusiasts bring their kites and colorful pennants to this park and catch the strong winds.  


That particular weekend I met Lee Sedgwick and his friend Stephanie.  This is a favorite spot for flying and they regularly come here with their kites.  Lee  was born not too far from Erie and has been flying kites for about 30 years.  For about five years he was heavily into kite competitions.
Here is Lee floating his YFO kite in front of my camera using a two-handed controller.

The offshore winds also make a great environment for creating incredible bubbles.  This man entertained both those in water and on the beach with his floating creations.


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